(For MDC Ore Car Bodies From eBay)


Price: $TBA


Not too long ago we picked up several dozen MDC Ore Car bodies, minus the bottom chassis plate; we were told that these were the last runs through the MDC molds and no more of these cars would be produced. Instead of scratchbuilding a chassis, we had several complete MDC Ore Cars that we pulled the chassis out of and used as patterns to cast these chassis from. So, if you have some of these bodies and haven't had much luck scratchbuilding chassis plates for them, you can purchase these to get your ore car fleet up and running in no time!

Each chassis plate is cast as a one-piece unit, and all you have to do is drill holes for screws in each bolster, then screw in your trucks. You will be up and running in no time! Each chassis plate is reproduced with black urethane UV-resistant resin in the original thickness with all original details included; wire reinforcement is cast into the chassis plate along the entire length as well as across both bolsters for strength and durability. Just snap each one into the ore car body and install your trucks, it's as simple as that.