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Oshkosh M-911 Commercial Heavy Equipment Transporter (C-HET)

Oshkosh M911 C-HET tractor, as photographed at the Las Vegas National Guard Armory in the mid-1990s. This view shows the hydraulic dual winches for retrieving disabled vehicles. The winch cables are wound improperly, and if continued to pull heavy loads while all tangled up like this would result in evenual cable failure; winch cables need to be properly wound tightly and with each wind lying side by side, to prevent flat spots and fraying, which lead to rapid cable failure. Most of their trucks were still painted in sand colors, leftover from Desert Storm/Desert Shield several years prior; as these units were then being replaced by the M1070 HET system, no efforts were made to repaint them. Since this truck is parked off to the side and has only single wheels mounted on the rear axles, my guess is that it was due to be sent to surplus auction soon. Photo is scanned from a print.

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