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Tim's Model Trucks  Tim Ahlborn's obsession with truck modeling!  If you made it this far, you can understand the appeal with this.
American Industrial Truck Models Formerly Model Truck & Fire Apparatus, and before that it was James Etter's pioneering American Industrial Models. Tons of classic truck cab conversions and TONS of accessories! Dave Natale (current owner) has been working very hard to clean up the old patterns and make all-new molds.
Dave Natale's Trucks The amazing model trucks of Dave Natale, current owner of American Industrial Model Trucks (formerly MTFA and AIM, the original pioneering resin model truck cab conversion company by the late, great Jim Etter)
White Fang Enterprises Australian-based exclusive distributor for Auslowe Model Accessories resin conversions & accessories, White Fang also carries many other conversions & accessories for model trucks.
American Truck Historical Society
Great photo references, and well worth the price of membership!
Hank's Truck Pictures  AWESOME collection of vintage truck photos & brochures, lots of vanished fleets too.
Kit Form Services Based in Great Britain, these are some of the finest resin castings available anywhere!
M&G Mouldings More outstanding Great Britain-based resin model truck conversions and accessories.
Spaulding Trading and Shipping Model truck kits and a great selection of resin conversions & accessories, as well as books and other valuable resources
Yahoo! Independent Model Trucks  A lively discussion group featuring some of New Zealand's best model truck builders, this one can't be missed!
De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet  Kuenn McClinton's fine rigs!  Awesome!
History of American Pickup Trucks as suggested by Tiffany Chambers

Scale Auto Magazine

Model Cars Magazine

Garden Railways Magazine

The finest place on the internet for G Scale Model Trains. Large scale trains from manufacturers such as LGB, Aristocraft, USA Trains, and Bachmann among others are showing up in backyards and basements, on garden railways and railroads all over the world. Commonly known as 'G gauge', 'G scale' or 'F scale' trains, these trains come in several scales that include (but are not limited to) 1:20.3, 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, and 1:32.

Old Blue Jacket: A 22-year Career In The U.S. Navy

Patriot Files: A Tribute To Our Armed Forces

OBJ Flicks: Home of the popular & patriotic Flash Movies

USA Wake Up: Required Reading For Every American

OBJ Web Designs: Quality at an affordable price; superior customer service!

The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation


Las Vegas Nevada Business List

Silver State Specialties was created in 1999 to offer quality resin accessories, replacement parts and conversion kits, suitable for many 1/25-scale plastic model kits.  SSS specializes in accessories and parts for plastic model pickup, SUV, 4x4, and heavy truck & trailer kits.  1/32-scale and 1/35-scale parts and accessories will be available in the future for model truck kits, such as the 1/32 Monogram Snap-Tite and ERTL snap-together kits, as well as 1/35-scale Revell, Italeri, AFV Club, Trumpeter, Airfix, Heller, Tamiya, and other military model truck kits.  Some of these smaller scale model kits are quite well detailed, and a wide variety of photo-etched, resin, and other accessories are widely available for most of these military truck model kits. What's even more exciting is the line of 1/24th & 1/25th-scale military model kits and conversions we are in the early stages of developing, to nicely compliment your ERTL, AMT, Italeri, Revell, and other brands of truck models.

Silver State Specialties is working on resin accessories and complete kits for G- gauge outdoor garden railway trains ("Large Scale") in 1/24th-scale. Some patterns have been completed, and many more are under construction. These kits and accessories will include complete Beyer-Garratt style of locomotives and Narrow Gauge ore hopper cars, as well as 24-inch & 30-inch gauge industrial equipment in this same scale.

SSS also has master patterns partially completed for many 1/16-scale model truck accessories and conversion kits, mainly for the Monogram-Revell 1/16-scale model truck kits.  Some projected accessories for these 1/16-scale kits are front drive axles, different wheels and tires, air cleaner accessories, pusher and tag axles, oil filters and engine accessories, and possibly different engines.  Cab & hood conversion kits remain a possibility for these monsters as well, but are still years away from being offered as there are more pressing projects to push forward with first.  But someday they should be available!

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